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SEO HERO – THE CHAMPION OF SEO Based Business Solutions

SEO HERO is the champion for all businesses that look to the Internet for growth. SEO HERO uses a vast array of knowledge and experience to help businesses in need. Let’s face it, there are so many dangers and pitfalls for businesses in today’s marketplace, and at times it makes it tough to navigate these waters. So, which strategies are best for you and your companies long term growth? Which strategies are laden with more pitfalls then benefits? How will you know that the work is done right?

SEO HERO Potential

Looking at the landscape and realizing his potential, SEO HERO decided he could no longer sit by and watch the sad state of digital Marketing go on. Something had to be done and SEO HERO new he had to come to the rescue. One by one he helps companies sort through the technical difficulties of strategy and implementation and ultimately achieving success.

Success in the search engine optimization world comes in many forms, so it’s up to SEO HERO to track and report back on the progress of all the campaigns he fights for. Brand reputation and growth are his top priority as he strives to create a balance of creative and technological harmony among all the channels utilized for his campaigns.

SEO HERO is here to help

As we head into 2017 SEO HERO is needed more than ever. Businesses have suffered and get lost when trying to understand all the noise surrounding Search Engine Optimization, website design, social media and other forms of digital Marketing. SEO HERO’s expertise and knowledge base make him a unique choice to be the voice of those businesses that choose to call upon SEO HERO. SEO HERO is a proud fighter for leads, reputation management and digital outreach in the chaotic universe known as the Internet.

SEO HERO Techniques

While businesses struggle to be found, SEO HERO utilizes proven local and organic Search Engine Optimization techniques in unique ways to ensure businesses remain competitive and grow within their marketplaces. It’s not your fault! You are good at what you do and SEO HERO knows this. The digital technology media format has grown so fast that it’s tough for businesses to keep pace. Even with reliable internal staff, keeping up to date requires SEO HERO type strength and ambition.

SEO HERO and his background

SEO HERO grew up on the mean streets of the Internet in the late 1990’s when true chaos ruled over the Internet. Since then the Internet has become much more stable as a true business tool and in fact the entire global economy runs on the Internet now. So, SEO HERO was a natural from day one, never truly realizing his skills until tested, yet always prevailing. And now, when businesses need him the most he has made his talent available for all worthy businesses in need.

SEO HERO Secret Identity

Of course, SEO HERO has a secret identity and this gives him anonymity as he takes on the vast chaos that is the world of digital Marketing. His clients know him as SEO HERO but a select few know him as Michael. He keeps his Marketing powers close to the vest as to not show his hand to his opponents.

THE SEO HERO Fire inside

Living the life of a Search Engine Optimization professional is not a glorious profession, but SEO HERO doesn’t do it for the glory, he does it for the challenge. The Challenge of generating leads, new business, website traffic, rankings and all the benefits that go along with growth are what fuel the inner fires for SEO HERO.

SEO HERO – WHY Choose him

SEO HERO listens to the needs of his clients, gets to know them and drives business based on the priorities that will have the greatest impact on their bottom lines. Every project is unique to SEO HERO and he must fight the challenges that are unique to every business and every industry. Unique companies that have value, have internal goals and that need help should contact SEO HERO to learn how his strategic approach to digital Marketing can be just the help they need for their business goals.

SEO HERO Knows the landscape challenges

There are so many challenges for businesses today. It all starts with the website. Without a user-friendly, attractive website that provides user value, it will be hard to compete. Then, there is onsite SEO and all the complexities with implementing that correctly. Other challenges include offsite SEO and backlinking strategies, pay per click Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Google , YouTube and video Marketing, Pinterest, Instagram, email Marketing, mobile apps, SMS and text Marketing, proximity Marketing and many, many other platforms.

SEO HERO Sounds the call

Sound confusing? Don’t let it be! SEO HERO is here to help you with these challenges! SEO HERO chooses this path of understanding and seeks the challenges needed to be the best SEO HERO he can be. Do you have a challenge? SEO HERO officially sounds the call! Let SEO HERO know how he can help, contact me today.


SEO Hero Digital Marketing Services

SEO Hero offers a complete range of digital Marketing services to meet the demands of an ever-changing Marketing landscape. How do you keep up? Grit and determination, combined with a constant itch to learn more. As a digital Marketing professional, SEO Hero looks at every niche with its unique needs to determine the best approach for implementing any digital campaign.

SEO Hero works directly with your team to understand the market and the players within the market. Then research ensues, to understand how the niche is utilizing the various digital channels available. In most cases, there are unique marketing opportunities just waiting to be discovered and optimized. The next step is to create a plan with a goal and begin building out the SEO infrastructure necessary to meet the goals of the campaign. Sounds easy enough, right? Have no worries, this is what makes SEO Hero so great to work with, he will guide you every step of the way while ensuring you understand the purpose behind every decision and strategy. Let SEO Hero help you build your business today!

Search Engine Optimization Services by SEO Hero

SEO is such a cruel animal and can inflict serious damage to your website and brand if not implemented and maintained properly over time. There are constant changes in algorithms and SEO best practices, so it’s important to stay educated in the most beneficial tools that help build revenue. Google considers more than 200 parameters that can affect your web presence in many ways. Leave it to SEO Hero to face these challenges for you. Why risk it?

Website Design Services by SEO Hero

Have a great looking site that doesn’t rank well? Have an ugly site that dominates the search engines? Having problems generating leads? These are all issues companies deal with in the constant struggle to generate business via the Internet. SEO Hero knows, as he has built his business on this struggle. You need a process that not only provides a great user experience for people but one for the bots that crawl and rank your site. There can be balance and SEO Hero can find it for you.

Pay Per Click Management Services by SEO Hero

Spending money to make even more money makes sense, but only if you have the experience to know what you are doing. Like most things digital Marketing related, pay per click project management can be a bit of its own science, which just adds another layer of complexity to your everyday task management list. And, if not properly maintained PPC advertising can drain your dollars rather quickly. Test, optimize and react. But react with swiftness and accuracy to make sure you maximize every dollar. This is how SEO Hero treats every campaign and every dollar.

Social Media Marketing Services by SEO Hero

A great way to build your brand, drive traffic and sales, social media Marketing is no joke. Social media Marketing is a great tool, when utilized correctly to add directly to your bottom line. But like all channels, you need a specific strategy and methodology to implement a plan that generates the best bang for your buck. The only way to achieve this is through careful planning. Social media campaigns can be fickle, so supercharging them with incentives can make things much more exciting. I know, another platform? It keeps going…no worries, SEO Hero is here for you!

Video Marketing Services by SEO Hero

Video is such a powerful tool and can do a lot of the selling for you. It can also be a great tool to help build authority in your niche. So, why not use it more? It’s so easy to create video with today’s technology. Like some of the other more powerful channels, video has its own powerful aura and can be a tough channel to utilize correctly to benefit your target market. So, although it may be easy to create optimizing and using video to benefit your brand can be challenging.

Content Creation – Text, Audio and Video Services by SEO Hero

Content creation is the tip of the spear for SEO in 2017. The content must be unique and must provide value to the visitor. Google and other search engines have become intelligent and can tell fluff from the real stuff. Ok, they aren’t perfect, yet! So, it’s in the best interest of all involved to produce great content! Ideas can be hard to come by, topics not so much. Don’t worry, SEO Hero can use his unique powers to turn this around and just for you!

Mobile App Services by SEO Hero

Customer loyalty, feedback and unique interactions specific to your business, offer endless possibilities for growing your business using mobile apps. Mobile apps are cool, fun and get a great response rate. Couple that with great offers and you can really, really, add a boost to your bottom line. Hey, nothing that’s easy is worth it and the same holds true with utilizing mobile apps for your business. SEO Hero knows what works and how it can benefit you. So, what are you waiting for? SEO Hero is her for you!

Email Marketing Services by SEO HERO

We have a saying in my business and that is, “The money is in the list”. Do you have an email list that’s not making you money? We need to talk. Talk about low hanging fruit. Email Marketing is an excellent way to stay relevant to potential opportunity. SEO Hero can help you utilize your email lists to build brand recognition and generate revenue.

Graphic Design and Offline Marketing Service by SEO Hero

Well, no platform would be complete without the ability to create a unique identity. The need to be identified throughout all your Marketing efforts has never been more important. With so much competition and that competition coming from all directions, you need to stand out and declare, I am Master of my domain! SEO Hero can help you achieve this. No matter the challenge, offline, online and virtual, SEO Hero will be there for you. I will use my abilities and all my skills to bring balance to your niche and allow you to reign supreme.



SEO HERO has been in the Digital Marketing game for over a decade and through that time he has seen many changes. In 2012, SEO Hero published a book on the topic called, “The Shifting Paradigms“. This book looked ahead to the changing landscape that was occurring at the time. Now that change has become standard practice for digital agencies. What has become clear over the last 5 years is that there are specific strategies that work and some that simply don’t. What makes this more challenging is that there are so many dubious opinions out there that it can be confusing for those that only know a small piece of the overall puzzle.

SEO HERO currently runs his own digital agency, working with clients in various niches, helping them achieve their goals. He works as a team with his customers working for their benefit and helping them understand the process along the way. With so many options and opportunities available to build an audience it’s important that each client get a feel for the overall depth of their digital advertising needs.


Can Wix really win the SEO Hero challenge?

The competition will be tough as many professionals will surely get into this contest. And, with everyone looking to win, I’m sure the SEO techniques used to rank these sites might be a bit dubious. I can also guarantee that this will be a global test for all those involved as participants. Nonetheless, this contest can also provide some good indicators to the Google Algorithm.

This real-time test can help Google gather a footprint over a specific time-frame, the duration of the contest, and for a specific purpose, the SEO Hero challenge. Wix will also benefit from this challenge as they will gather name recognition, search authority and access to content, through the various references and backlinks that will be made to build authority for the contest.

Wix Challenge will not be easy!

This contest will be no small feat for those that wish to enter. It will truly take an SEO Hero to rally the troops and build something truly special. With so many options to choose from in the SEO community, which specific SEO techniques will reign supreme for the SEO Hero challenge. Well folks, that remains to be seen.

Only time will tell, whether or not Wix and a Wix platform based website will be able to compete in the SEO Hero challenge, that they themselves created. I personally have never used the Wix platform and would like more feedback from those that have. Has anyone out there reading this post used the Wix platform? More specifically, does it have the standard access to html files etc. that one would need to optimize a website? Please reply and let’s have a conversation.

Google Knowledge Graph Spikes!

Since the challenge has been announced I have seen lots of movement in the SERP’s. This means that Google is starting to build its real-time signals towards these domains, targeted keywords and keyword phrases. The contest has rules and before you waste your time do yourself a favor and check out the rules for the SEO Hero challenge. It could be a great opportunity.

I think it’s great to explore the various techniques one might use in a competition like this. Should it be black, white or even gray hat SEO techniques? Great question, that I’m sure the winner will keep close to the vest. Hats off to anyone willing to jump in and test their SEO skills. I’m sure Wix looks forward to all the attention.

What will drive people to get into the Wix SEO hero challenge? Greed of course, but I’m sure there will be those who will do it for the pride. Those who will do it for the challenge and those who do it to WIN. These will be the true SEO Heroes. As it won’t be just one! It will be many that enter that are all the real winners. Okay a ramble…that was the participation trophy speech award. The reality is simple. There can be only one! So jump in, check back in and best of luck!


Is SEO HERO near me, close to me or in my area?

SEO Hero can be anywhere at any time. Some might ask the simple question, “How can SEO HERO be near me, close to me or in my area?” Thanks to the Internet, SEO Hero has the technology necessary to help those in need, when needed. There are many forms of technology that SEO Hero utilizes but without the Internet and without the need to drive business to websites and other web properties SEO Hero would not exist. There would be no SEO Hero near me, close to me or in my area business solutions for search engine optimization and digital Marketing. Instead the opposite is true.

Technology systems, like the Internet, are the keys to SEO Hero’s strength. Through technology, SEO Hero can be as close to or near you as your computer or mobile phone. Simply activate the beacon and SEO Hero will be there. Some need to contact Batman, Superman or even Captain America when they are in need, but when a business is need and they want someone near them to handle their digital Marketing, they call on SEO Hero.

Tell me more about the SEO Hero near me, close to me or in my area super powers!

We all have hidden SEO powers, we just don’t know it. This power needs to be harnessed, controlled and applied in the correct manner to properly have an effect on your niche space. As with all special powers, there is both a light and a dark side. We call this white hat and black hat SEO. When one becomes aware of such abilities and begins applying them, they will soon realize that they have a choice to make. The blue vs red pill syndrome.

The allure may be great, because the black hat way provides instant gratification, and in some cases this can be appealing, but for the most part – false. Go to any dark alley on the Internet and you can find shady SEO’s that deal in search engine optimization black magic. In the long run, this type of SEO can be hurtful to your business and your domain could be on the wrong side of a Google slap. No worries, SEO Hero has helped those slapped down by Google for their black hat ways. It’s never too late to return from the dark side, but it takes time once your site has been penalized.

SEO Hero has made his choice and will stand by it!

All Search Engine Optimization practitioners must choose to either follow the white hat code or the black hat code. SEO Hero chooses the white hat way and he brings this skill set to every project! SEO Hero works closely with your business to understand and meet your specific needs. Our search engine optimization “near me, close to me and in your area” solutions will give you confidence knowing that your digital Marketing strategy is being handled for you. Why should search engine optimization and digital Marketing strategies be stressful? It doesn’t need to be! If you want to know more about SEO Hero, he wants to know more about you. Fill out the form below and he will be in contact to tell you more about how he can create a white hat, content driven strategy for your business.

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