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Chicago is a great market for both small and large business growth. Most business owners understand the need for SEO in the greater Chicago market and understand the benefits of integrating such a strategy into their digital Marketing efforts, but may not know where to start.

Lead generation is critical for any business and when you integrate an SEO strategy into your local Chicago marketing strategy you may quickly discover that the Chicago marketplace is very competitive. It’s for this reason that your business should work with an SEO agency that knows the digital Marketing landscape from many different angles. Many things have changed in the world of SEO over the last few years and they will continually change, it’s for this reason that SEO even exists. It’s for this reason that you need our SEO Chicago services.

What are some good SEO strategies for the Chicago market?

Image is everything, as it is in traditional Marketing. Branding and authority mean everything when it comes to your digital Marketing strategy. There are so many tools available to us today, but ultimately it all starts with your website. Your website like any other collateral piece must present a positive and informative image about your products and services. Becoming more important is the need to regularly create new and relevant content for your site. As the saying goes, “Content is king”.

SEO in Chicago needs relevant content to rank effectively

Relevant content will help you build that necessary authority to compete within the greater Chicago marketplace. There are very few companies not utilizing some form of SEO, some good SEO and some bad SEO. What’s critical? The more relevant and on topic your content can be, the better. Also, extremely important is the need to continual develop engaging content. Google is a semantic search engine that continually looks for new and informative content to present to its users, so the more relevant the content the better.

It’s not just about text based content, you can SEO and optimize your images, video, audio and other elements of your website to help establish authority within the Google indexed results. I like to look at SEO as the ability for a website to tell a story to Google and to site visitors. This is where internal linking can come in handy.

SEO your internal links to build Google relevance within local Chicago markets

By creating deep links to other content within your own site you provide a simple path for the discovery of related information. Internal linking is a great way to guide visitors to more in-depth content, but it’s also a great way to present Google with relevant sub topics or niches relevant to your website and overall brand. Your internal deep linked pages will often out rank your sales based pages, such as a home page, so it’s important to provide relevant information with contact info, contact forms and links to those important pages.

SEO searches near me are gaining traction in the Chicago market

Searches near me have been gaining traction because of the use of mobile devices to perform local searches. Other terms include, close to me, nearby me, in my area and terms like this, that provide a more localized benefit to the end user. If your business provides local services, then optimizing your content around these “near me” terms could provide some great benefits.

How do you do build content around near me terms? Look at how these terms have been implemented into this page content. By taking an informative approach to SEO, I could discuss other relevant content topics based around SEO in the Chicago market. By focusing some of my attention on the nearby terms in these last few paragraphs I have created some SEO relevance around the general topic of near me SEO. Let us know if you’re in the greater Chicago region and you need local SEO to maximize your customer reach.