Recent SEO projects in the greater Chicago market by Solid Gold SEO

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Recent SEO Projects by location : United States, Illinois

SEO Projects in Algonquin, IL

This project involved a company whose primary service was to provide real estate solutions to its customers. The project included a new website, basic SEO services, video creation, editing and publishing and social media management.

SEO Projects in Algonquin, IL

This projects involves ongoing project work for an advertising agency fulfilling website design and SEO services.

SEO Projects in Belvidere, IL

These ongoing projects involve working with a custom software development company. Projects include: consulting, graphic design, website creation and basic SEO.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This local business provides services for weddings, corporate events and many other types of events. This project included a new website and basic SEO.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This global source for International business provides paid content to is customer base. For this project we provided SEO consulting, content creation and social media management to help build out initial product launch.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This was a very interesting project with a start-up company. This company produced a consumer-friendly product and needed an eCommerce site with SEO. The product eventually failed due to financing, as most start-ups do.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This company had a well-established business with a basic website and an over-priced SEO agency managing their web presence. This ongoing project included a site rebuild, content creation, video creation and distribution, SEO and other Digital Marketing services.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This automotive company had a very expensive website built and the company that built the site just left the client without support. This is how most website companies are as they don’t know how to provide the additional SEO and Digital Marketing services companies need to be successful. In this project, we built a new website, mobile application, content, SEO and social media management services.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This start-up company lasted several years and built custom software for its clients. We provided consulting services, graphic design, website creation, content creation, SEO and training to help offset the company’s project workload.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This national trucking services company work with multi-nationals across the United States. We provide on-going consulting, website design and management, social media, SEO and other Digital Marketing services to help build direct revenue.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This trucking company provides very specific transportation services across the United States. This ongoing project includes a new website, social media channel set-up, SEO and custom form creation.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This fun company provides sound engineering services such as sound creation, voice over, digital mastering and other services that involve sound. The company need a new website, basic SEO services and social media consulting to build out consumer presence.

SEO Projects in Chicago, IL region

This start-up company needed a membership site capable of providing training services to its users. We built a custom site and integrated an eLearning environment to increase user participation. This project also included on-site video recording, editing and publishing.

SEO Projects in Elgin, IL

This project was with a traditional Marketing company that needed a technological solution to increase efficiency within their internal process. We provided software development consulting services to help design and employ internal software to help manage process fulfillment.

SEO Projects in Loves Park, IL

This ongoing project is with a company that provides local services to its customers. With this ongoing project we provide website creation, advanced SEO, social media management, video creation and distribution, content creation, research, lead tracking and pay per click management services.

Search engines want to rank websites and website content that give visitors a great experience. Our custom Search Experience Optimization solutions help clients develop great online properties and link channels that both users and search engines want.

Social media marketing management encompasses building your brand, loyalty, customer base and social signals to improve your overall SEO strategy. SolidGoldSEO offers highly customized social media marketing management services that help companies of all sizes with their ongoing social media marketing needs. Our social media marketing optimization services will help you build your business and get your company noticed by new consumers in the social media world.

Whether you have a standalone mobile website or a responsive website, sooner or later the time is going to come for most businesses to consider making a move into this world. A mobile app – also called a native app – is different from your mobile site in many ways. While mobile sites allow your customers and leads to find you on their mobile devices, a mobile app allows them to connect and interact with you when they are on the go.

Content is King! A major factor for consideration in 2015 and moving forward in the Search Experience Field is content. Great content can bring traffic, create authority in your niche and improve your search rankings. Don’t fall into the trap that is poor quality or duplicate content because it will cost your site. Google wants to see newsworthy information and content that helps visitors. New and fresh content can also help the sales process and increase your new business opportunities. If you need help with your content creation to include: press releases, articles and blog posts, meme creation, video creation and other content creation, contact us today.

PPC management can be tricky and costly if not implemented correctly. Lead tracking, page tracking, optimized keywords, split testing campaigns, budgets, ad creation and report generation are just a few of the tasks that need to be managed for any PPC strategy.


Website / Mobile Design90%
Pay Par Click (PPC)50%
All Other Services55%